Mouse lemurs and dwarf lemurs (Cheirogaleidae Family) of Madagascar

Mouse lemurs and dwarf lemurs are small nocturnal species found across virtually all habitats in Madagascar.

Mouse (Microcebus) lemurs are some of the world's smallest primates. They are tiny, extremely lively, and abundant.

Dwarf lemurs are larger and less active than mouse lemurs. During the winter they hibernate while living off the fat stored in their tails.

Lemuridae species:

FamilyCommon nameScientific nameLocal nameActivePictures
CheirogaleidaeMouse and Dwarf lemursNocturnal
CheirogaleidaeHairy-eared Dwarf Mouse-lemurAllocebus trichotis Nocturnal
CheirogaleidaeSouthern Fat-tailed Dwarf LemurCheirogaleus adipicaudatus MataviramboNocturnal
CheirogaleidaeFurry-eared Dwarf LemurCheirogaleus crossleyi MataviramboNocturnal
CheirogaleidaeGreater Dwarf LemurCheirogaleus major MataviramboNocturnal+
CheirogaleidaeWestern Fat-tailed Dwarf LemurCheirogaleus medius Matavirambo, Kely Be-ohy, Tsidy, TsidihyNocturnal
CheirogaleidaeLesser Iron Gray Dwarf LemurCheirogaleus minusculus MataviramboNocturnal
CheirogaleidaeGreater Iron Gray Dwarf LemurCheirogaleus ravus MataviramboNocturnal
CheirogaleidaeSibree's Dwarf LemurCheirogaleus sibreei MataviramboNocturnal
CheirogaleidaeGray Mouse-lemurMicrocebus murinus Tsidy, Koitsiky, Titilivaha, Vakiandri, PondikyNocturnal+
CheirogaleidaePygmy Mouse-lemurMicrocebus myoxinus TsidyNocturnal
CheirogaleidaeGolden Mouse-lemurMicrocebus ravelobensis TsidyNocturnal
CheirogaleidaeRed Mouse-lemurMicrocebus rufus Anakatsidina, Tsidy, Tsitsidy, TistsihyNocturnal+
CheirogaleidaeGiant Mouse-lemur or Coquerel's Mouse-lemurMirza coquereli Tsiba, Tilitilivaha, Siba, Setohy, FitilyNocturnal+
CheirogaleidaeAmber Mountain Fork-crowned LemurPhaner electromontis Tanta, TantaraolanaNocturnal
CheirogaleidaeMasoala Fork-crowned LemurPhaner furcifer Tanta, TantaraolanaNocturnal
CheirogaleidaeWestern Fork-crowned LemurPhaner pallescens Tanta, Tantaraolana, VakivohoNocturnal
CheirogaleidaeSambirano Fork-crowned LemurPhaner parienti Tanta, TantaraolanaNocturnal

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