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Madgascar is one of the world's most important countries in terms of biodiversity and cultural richness. This site will examine Madagascar's uniqueness and explain why the Malagasy people can look toward a brighter future.

The mission of WildMadagascar.org is to raise awareness on Madagascar and provide an English-based educational resource for Malagasy people. Income from this site feeds back into Madagascar through the hiring of translators and guides, and contributions to conservation activities involving local people in Madagascar.

WildMadagascar.org is the effort of Rhett A. Butler, founder of mongabay.com, a rainforest conservation site. Rhett has helped facilitate several conservation projects in Madagascar.

WildMadagascar.org is financially supported by Rhett. Revenue comes from context-based advertisements found on some pages as well as commission from the sales of books from Amazon.com. WildMadagascar.org does not seek donations.

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Rhett A. Butler (2004-2013). WildMadagascar.org. San Francisco, California in the United States.

Click here if you are interested in helping people and/or conservation efforts in Madagascar.

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