The Aye-aye (Dauebntoniidae family) of Madagascar

The Aye-aye is one of the world's most bizarre creatures with its long twig-like middle finger, huge eyes, rat-like teeth, and large bat-like ears. This nocturnal lemur, first classified as a rodent, uses its long middle finger as a tool for finding insects. After tapping the tree bark, it uses its sensitive hearing to detect the movement of insect larvae. Studies have found that the aye-aye is capable of sensing insect movement at a depth of 12 feet.

Sadly this odd creature is endangered by both habitat destruction in northeastern Madagascar and widespread persecution by native Malagasy as an harbinger of bad luck.

Lemuridae species:

FamilyCommon nameScientific nameLocal nameActivePictures
DaubentoniidaeAye-aye Nocturnal
DaubentoniidaeAye-ayeDaubentonia madagascariensisAye-aye, Ahay, Itay-hay, AiayNocturnal

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