Uroplatus geckos of Madagascar

Uroplatus geckos
Leaf-tailed or Uroplatus geckos are one of Madagascar's most unique species. These moderate- to large-sized geckos rely on cryptic coloration as they sleep with their heads downward, flattened against tree trunks and adjusting their body coloration to their surroundings. Inactive during the day, Uroplatus geckos move only when disturbed. They respond to prodding with an impressive display of a brightly colored gaping mouth and an erect tail. At night they hunt insects.

Uroplatus pictures

Uroplatus alluaudi
Uroplatus ebenaui Spear-tail gecko
Uroplatus fimbriatus Giant leaf-tail gecko
Uroplatus guentheri Guenther's leaf-tail gecko
Uroplatus henkeli Frilled leaf-tail gecko
Uroplatus lineatus Lined leaf-tail gecko
Uroplatus malahelo *
Uroplatus malama *
Uroplatus phantasticus Satanic leaf-tail gecko
Uroplatus sikoraeMossy leaf-tail gecko

Uroplatus geckos are popular in the exotic-pet trade. In some areas there is concern that over-zealous collectors are reducing Uroplatus populations. Uroplatus are also threatened by habitat destruction and two species discovered in the 1990s, Uroplatus malama and U. malahelo, may now be extinct in the wild for this reason.