Lepilemurs, Sportive lemurs or Weasel lemurs

There are seven known species of Lepilemur, none of which are sportive or look like weasels. During the day, you can often spot them in their sleeping holes in tree trunks. At night they are active and quite vocal.

Lepilemurs are related to the extinct giant lemurs (Megaladapis)

Lepilemur species:

FamilyCommon nameScientific nameLocal nameActivePictures
MegaladapidaeSportive lemurs Nocturnal
MegaladapidaeBack-striped Sportive LemurLepilemur dorsalis ApongyNocturnal
MegaladapidaeMilne-Edwards's Sportive LemurLepilemur edwardsi Boenga, Boengy, RepahakaNocturnal+
MegaladapidaeWhite-footed Sportive LemurLepilemur leucopus SongikyNocturnal+
MegaladapidaeSmall-toothed Sportive LemurLepilemur microdon Trangalavaka, Kotrika or Kotreka, Fitiliky, Itataka, VarikosyNocturnal
MegaladapidaeWeasel LemurLepilemur mustelinus Trangalavaka, Kotrika, Fitiliky, Itataka, VarikosyNocturnal
MegaladapidaeRed-tailed Sportive LemurLepilemur ruficaudatus Boenga, BoengyNocturnal
MegaladapidaeAnkarana Sportive LemurLepilemur septentrionalis ankaranensis Mahiabeala, SongikyNocturnal
MegaladapidaeNorthern Sportive LemurLepilemur septentrionalis septentrionalis Mahiabeala, SongikyNocturnal

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