Brookesia chameleons of Madagascar

Brookesia chameleons
Brookesia chameleons are some of the world's smallest reptiles—one species reaches a maximum length of just over an inch (30 mm). Also known as stumped-tailed or leaf chameleons, these diminutive creatures are found in the leaf litter of rainforests and dry deciduous forests in much of Madagascar.

Brookesia feed on small insects and reply on their cyptic coloration to evade predators. When disturbed, these chameleons will play dead in an effort to resemble a fallen leaf.

Brookesia are easiest to find at night when they sleep on the leaves of small shrubs.

Brookesia pictures

Brookesia ambreensis
Brookesia antakarana
Brookesia bekolosy
Brookesia betschi
Brookesia bonsi
Brookesia brygooi
Brookesia decaryi
Brookesia dentata
Brookesia ebenaui
Brookesia exarmata
Brookesia griveaudi
Brookesia karchei
Brookesia lambertoni
Brookesia lineata
Brookesia lolontany
Brookesia minima Nosy Be Pygmy Leaf Chameleon
Brookesia nasus
Brookesia perarmata Armored Chameleon
Brookesia peyrierasi Peyrieras's Dwarf Chameleon
Brookesia stumpffi
Brookesia superciliaris Horned Leaf Chameleon
Brookesia therezieni
Brookesia thieli Thiel's Pygmy Chameleon
Brookesia tuberculata
Brookesia vadoni
Brookesia valerieae