Ethnic groups in Madagascar

Madagascar has a number of ethnic groups or tribes. To learn more about these groups I highly recommend Hilary Bradt's guide to Madagascar

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Minorities in Madagascar

Antaifasy ("People of the sands")
Northern Madagascar: near Diego-Suarez.
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Antaimoro ("People of the coast")
Southeastern Madagascar: near Vohipeno and Manakara.
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Antaisaka [subgroup of Sakalava]
Southern Madagascar: near Farafangana.
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Antankarana ("Those of the rocks")
Northern Madagascar: near Diego-Suarez.
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Antambahoaka ("Those of the people")
Southeastern Madagascar: near Mananjary.
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Antrandroy ("People of the thorns")
Southern Madagascar: near Ambovombe.
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Antanosy ("People of the island")
Southern Madagascar: near Taolagnaro (Ft. Dauphin).
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Bara father and daughter near Isalo

south-central Madagascar: near Isalo, Ihosy and Betroka
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Betsileo ("The many invincibles")
Southern-central highlands of Madagascar: especially around Fianarantsoa but also a splinter group in the Betsiboka region
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Betsimisaraka ("The many inseparables")
Eastern Madagascar: Toamasina to Antalaha
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Bezanozano ("Many small plaits")
Central highlands and eastern Madagascar: the area between the Betsimisaraka lowlands and the Merina highlands
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Mahafaly ("Those who make taboos")
Southwestern Madagascar: desert around Ampanihy and Ejeda
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Makoa or Mikea
Western Madagascar.
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Merina ("People of the highlands")
Central highlands of Madagascar.
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St. Marians
Ile Ste Marie (Nosy Boraha)
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Sakalava ("People of the long valleys")
Western Madagascar; widespread in this region.
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Sihanaka ("People of the swamps")
Northeastern Madagascar: around Lake Alaotra
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Tanala: Ikongo and Menabe ("People of the forest")
Eastern Madagascar: near Manakara
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Tsimihety ("Those who do not cut their hair")
Northern Madagascar.
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Vezo [subgroup of Sakalava]
Southwestern Madagascar: coastal regions
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Zafimaniry village

South-central Madagascar: highlands near Ambositra
In Madagascar woodworking Zafimaniry remember lost forests: In the rolling hills of the southeastern highlands of Madagascar there lives a group of people known as the Zafimaniry, or the "the people of the forest." The Zafimaniry are renowned sculptors of wood and traditionally, virtually every member of the community was involved in some aspect of woodworking and cabinetmaking. Their pictureque homes are assembled completely without nails and, along with their tombs, furniture, tools and everyday objects, are carved with attractive geometric patterns that "are highly codified, reflecting both the Polynesian origins of the community and the Arab influences in Malagasy culture."
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