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The mission of is to raise awareness on Madagascar and provide an English-based educational resource for Malagasy people.

There are many worthy organizations working in Madagascar to help local people, promote sustainable development, and conserve wildlife and wildlands. If you would like to be involved in creating a brighter future for the Malagasy and their remarkable plants, animals, and ecosystems, take a look at some of these organizations.

Disclaimer: does not solicit on behalf of any of these organizations. Nor does have any affiliation with any of these groups.
  • Azafady - Azafady works with communities in southeast Madagascar to alleviate poverty, improve well-being and protect its unique environments. Established in 1994.

  • Centre ValBio - Madagascar's leading research and scientific training facility. Located in Ranomanfana National Park, Centre ValBio (Centre de Formation International pour la Valorisation de la Biodiversité - International Training Center for the Study of Biodiversity) is run by the Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments. The center was inaugurated in June 2003 and is now fully operational.

  • Madagascar Wildlife Conservation - MWC aims to preserve biodiversity in key areas by promoting a long-term conservation process that integrates development, environmental education and research. MWC therefore pursues four general objectives: community empowerment, creating alternative revenue sources, environmental education, and research.

  • The Madagascar Ankizy Fund - Madagascar Ankizy Fund is focused on helping kids in northwestern Madagascar (the Mahajanga region).

  • Conservation through Poverty Alleviation International - CPALI works to identify, develop and implement new means of income generation for poor farmers living in areas of high conservation value including Madagascar. The organization shows farmers that the long-term economic value that can be gained from forests left standing is greater than the short-term gain from forests that are cut.

  • Andrew Lees Trust - Set up in memory of Andrew Lees, a Campaigns Director of Friends of the Earth who died in the forests of southern Madagascar in 1994, The Andrew Lees Trust develops and implements projects that aim to reduce poverty and improve natural resource management, food security, and health practices, especially HIV awareness, for rural communities in the south of Madagascar. Established in 1995.

  • Dodwell Trust - The Dodwell Trust promotes family health and sustainable development through wind-up/solar radio broadcasts by local Malagasy teams. Established in 1995.

  • Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust - The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust works to conserve threatened species in Madagascar. Established in 1963.

  • Akany Avoko - An orphanage that provides for destitute children and young people. Located in Ambohidratrimo on the outskirts of Tana.

  • Feedback Madagascar - Feedback Madagascar is a Scottish charity that focuses on promoting primary healthcare; improving the local stewardship of natural resources; advancing education; and developing programs for income through sustainable development activities. Established in 1993.

  • Hope for Madagascar - Hope for Madagascar aims to reduce poverty and improve the well-being of the Malagasy people while preserving the unique biodiversity of Madagascar's environment.

  • Madagascar Fauna Group - The Madagascar Fauna Group is an international consortium of zoos and related institutions working together to conserve lemurs and the other wildlife and wild places of Madagascar. Established in 1987.

  • Madagascar Community Development Society - The Madagascar Community Development Society is a registered non-profit society in the province of British Columbia, Canada that supports small-scale community development projects. Established in 2009.

  • Blue Ventures - Blue Ventures believes that with the right knowledge, developing coastal communities can live in harmony with their marine environments. Our expeditions and research give coastal communities the knowledge and skills they need to live sustainably.

  • Reef Doctor - ReefDoctor's Volunteer Research Assistant Programme is an unique opportunity to experience Madagascar, its people and its culture, while contributing to marine conservation and sustainable community development.

  • World Wildlife Fund - Madagascar - The World Wildlife Fund is extremely active in Madagascar, working to protect wildlands and wildlife, train local conservationists and guides, and promote sustainable use and development.

  • Conservation volunteering opportunity in Madagascar - With the World Wildlife Fund.

  • Lemur Conservation Foundation - A small non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the primates of Madagascar through captive breeding, scientific research, education, and reintroduction.

  • Tossing a Starfish Charity Madagascar - Integrating the education, health and the very basics of life such as water, sanitation and housing necessary to lift some of the poorest people in Vohipeno and the surrounding area out of poverty is its main aim.

  • The Ladybug Project - A small organization working to advance education and healthcare in the African countries of Equatorial Guinea and Madagascar. In Madagascar, the Ladybug Project currently supports an urban high school in Diego Suarez as well as a rural school in the village of Mahamasina (on the outskirts of the Ankarana National Park)

If you are interested in contributing to Wild Madagascar either in the form of information, expertise, or translation assistance in any language, please contact me.

Please contact me with further suggestions for charities working in Madagascar or other Malagasy nonprofits.

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