Province: Toliary (Tul�ar)

Area: 81,540

Protected area status: National park

Year established:

General location: 22�22 and 22�40 southern latitude / 45�11 and 45�23 longitude

Location and Access: 683 km southwest of Antananarivo, 279 km southwest Fianarantsoa, 243 km northeast of Toliara.

Climate: Dry tropical forest and savanna

Average temperature: 17-25�C

Elevation: 820 to 1240 m

Precipitation: 85 cm

Description: Isalo's landscape consists of eroded ruiniform sandstone formations dating to the Jurassic period, deep canyons with riparian forests, palm-lined oases, fire-resistant tapia forests, and open grasslands.

Birds: 82
Reptiles: 33
Frogs: 15
Mammals: 14

Lemur species 14:

Isalo is known for its pachypodes (Pachypodium ), aloe and euphorbiums.

The following vegetation zones are found in the park:
  • Riparian forest found along rivers in the canyons of Isalo
  • Scattered sclerophyle forest made up of fire-resistant Tapia (Uapaca bojeri) and Heza (Astropeia micraster)
  • Rupicolous vegetation found on rocky surfaces and consisting of Pachypodiums (Pachypodium geayi, Pachypodium willlamarai, Pachypodium rosulatum, Pachypodium horombese, and Pachypodium densiflorum); Aloes (Aloe acutissima, Aloe isalensis and Aloe detoideodonta); and a species of Kalanchoes
  • Dry forest on alluvial deposits.
    Families: 99
    Species: 340

    Dominant ethnic group(s): Bara

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    Additional notes: 238 of the plant species in Isalo are endemic

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