Cheirogaleus sibreei - Sibree's Dwarf Lemur


LOCAL NAMES: Matavirambo Web links for Cheirogaleus sibreei :

Sibree's Dwarf Lemur Cheirogaleus sibreei -- Cheirogaleus sibreei Sibree's Dwarf Lemur. Web links for Cheirogaleus sibreei :
Lemurs of Madagascar -- ...ravus, Matavirambo, Nocturnal, Cheirogaleidae, Sibree's Dwarf Lemur, Cheirogaleus
Zoology -- Primates -- Prosimians -- ...minusculus -- n. sp. Lemur *Cheirogaleus ravus -- n. sp. Lemur *Cheirogaleus
New Primates Discovered in Madagascar and Brazil -- ...of woolly lemur (Avahi unicolor), five new dwarf lemur species (Cheirogaleus
Cheirogaleidae -- Lemur, Cheirogaleus ravus; Sibree's Dwarf Lemur, Cheirogaleus sibreei. Genus
FS CryptoCorner: New Primate Discoveries In Madagascar And Brazil -- Five new dwarf lemur species (Cheirogaleus adipicaudatus, Cheirogaleus crossleyi,
Seznam madagaskarských recentních druhù lemurù (Lemuriformes) -- Groves CP, 2000 Cheirogaleus crossleyi Groves CP, 2000 Cheirogaleus minusculus Groves

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