Mimophis mahfalensis - Big-eyed snake

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Combined Index to Herpetology Collections -- ROM, Mimophis, mahafalensis, 2. USNM, Mimophis, mahafalensis, 4. CAS, Mimophis,
IngentaConnect Article: Unusual karyotype in the Malagasy...ubrid ... -- Unusual karyotype in the Malagasy colubrid snake Mimophis mahfalensis. Authors:
IngentaConnect Table Of Contents: Amphibia-Reptilia -- 212-215(4) Authors: Kupfer A.; Gower DJ; Himstedt W. Unusual karyotype in
Volume 24, No. 2, pp. 133--250, 2003 -- Unusual karyotype in the Malagasy colubrid snake Mimophis mahfalensis Gennaro Aprea,
Coccidia of the World -- Caryospora madagascariensis Upton, Freed, Burdick, and McAllister, 1990 Host:
Coccidia of the World -- Eimeria sp. 2 of Brygoo, 1963: Host: Mimophis mahfalensis (Madagascar colubrid);
Madagascar's Reptiles and Amphibians .. “Bring it on ... -- Another dimorphic species is Mimophis mahfalensis, in which the male is intricately

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