Hapalemur occidentalis - Sambriano Gentle Lemur

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Lemurs of Madagascar -- Lemuridae, Sambriano Gentle Lemur, Hapalemur occidentalis, Bekola, Kofi, Ankomba
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palm seed dispersal -- Dypsis madagascariensis (Becc.) Beentje & J. Dransf. Hapalemur occidentalis, Lepilemur
TNS Browser -- 112161|Galago zanzibaricus zanzibaricus|zanzibaricus||| 112162|Hapalemur
Lemuridae Article, Lemuridae Information -- SambrianoGentle Lemur , Hapalemur occidentalis; Alaotran GentleLemur , Hapalemur
Article about "Lemuridae" in the English Wikipedia on 24-Jul-2004 -- Lemur, Hapalemur griseus; Sambriano Gentle Lemur, Hapalemur occidentalis;

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