Eulemur fulvus fulvus - Brown Lemur

RANGE and DISTRIBUTION: Rain forests of eastern Madagascar

SIZE: 2.1 and 4.2 kg

IUCN Status: Vulnerable

LOCAL NAMES: Varikamavo, Komba Web links for Eulemur fulvus fulvus :

Eulemur fulvus fulvus -- Seen in Perinet male. Lemur Taxa: E. fulvus albifrons; E. fulvus collaris; E.
Digimorph - Eulemur fulvus (common brown lemur) -- Digital Morphology account of the common brown lemur, Eulemur fulvus
Brown Lemur Eulemur fulvus -- Mammalia Order Eulemur fulvus at Berenty -- The males of this species (red fronted
References of the Lemurs of Madagascar -- Izard et al., 1995, Izard, K., B. Epps And E. Simons, 1995. Reproduction in
Species of the Lemurs of Madagascar -- Eulemur fulvus. (E. Geoffroy, 1796) IUCN Red List Status (1996): For subspecies
Animals at the Caribbean Gardens -- Lemur, black and white ruffed, Varecia variegata variegata. Lemur, brown, Eulemur

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