Tylas eduardi - Tylas Vanga

Order: Passeriformes
Family: Pycnonotidae
Local Malagasy name: vano mainty, kinkimavo
Endemic to Madagascar: Yes

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Ardea cinerea -- Tylas eduardi Tylas American. Tête noire, ailes noirâtres, gorge blanche, ventre
Ardea cinerea -- Tylas eduardi Tylas Vanga Français. Black head, blackish wings, white throat,
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Avibase - The World Bird Database -- Helmet Vanga, Euryceros prevostii, Endemic Vulnerable. Tylas Vanga, Tylas eduardi,
Birds of Madagascar -- Terpsiphone mutata, Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher. Treron australis, Madagascar
Bird List: Vangidae -- Piaget, 1885) *. Tylas Hartlaub, 1862. Tylas eduardi Hartlaub, 1862 - Tylas
Vanga - Wikipedia -- Bernier's Vanga, Oriolia bernieri. Helmet Vanga, Euryceros prevostii. Tylas Vanga,

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