Pseudobias wardi - Ward's shrike-flycatcher

Order: Passeriformes
Family: Platysteiridae
Local Malagasy name: sohihy mangavola
Endemic to Madagascar: Yes

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ADW: Pseudobias wardi: Classification -- Pseudobias wardi (Ward's shrike-flycatcher). ... Parent taxa. Genus Pseudobias (Ward's
ADW: Platysteiridae: Classification -- ...tonsa (white-spotted wattle-eye). Genus Pseudobias (Ward's shrike-flycatcher).
Pseudobias wardi -- No part of this material can be used in any way without written permision by
Ward's Shrike-Flycatcher (Pseudobias wardi) Photo -- Ward's Shrike-Flycatcher, Isolate address (URL) for bookmarking or e-mailing this
Pseudobias wardi -- Pseudobias wardi Ward's Flycatcher Français. White throat and undertail with a
Ward's Shrike-flycatcher - Pseudobias wardi -- Ward's Shrike-flycatcher [Pseudobias wardi ]. ... Member Comments : 0. No comments
Search for Sites -- additional data. LC, Ward's Flycatcher Pseudobias wardi. ... Recommended citation
Search for Sites -- Species of global conservation concern include Tachybaptus pelzelnii, Atelornis
Africa page -- ...and still get into the Western Palearctic (barely), and one of the 28 species of

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