Phyllastrephus madagascariensis - Long-billed Greenbul

Order: Passeriformes
Family: Pycnonotidae
Local Malagasy name: marotaina
Endemic to Madagascar: Yes

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ITIS Standard Report Page: Phyllastrephus madagascariensis -- Go to Print Version, Phyllastrephus madagascariensis (JF Gmelin, 1789) Taxonomic
Phyllastrephus madagascariensis -- No part of this material can be used in any way without written permision by the
PYCNONOTIDAE (Bulbuls) -- Greenbul; Phyllastrephus xavieri Xavier's Greenbul; Phyllastrephus
Long-billed Greenbul - Phyllastrephus madagascariensis -- Long-billed Greenbul [Phyllastrephus madagascariensis ]. ... Member Comments : 0. No
Birds of Madagascar -- Phyllastrephus cinereiceps, Grey-crowned Greenbul. Phyllastrephus madagascariensis,
Avibase - The World Bird Database -- PASSERIFORMES: Pycnonotidae. Long-billed Greenbul, Phyllastrephus madagascariensis,
Bernieria madagascariensis -- ...underparts. Was: Phyllastrephus madagascariensis. Langrand, Olivier; 1990:
Bird species list RNP -- Phyllastrephus cinereiceps, Grey-crowned Greenbul, Farifotramavoloha. Phyllastrephus
Pycnonotidae -- 7221, Phyllastrephus xavieri, Xavier's Greenbul. 7222, Phyllastrephus madagascariensis,

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