Leptopterus viridis - White-headed Vanga

Order: Passeriformes
Family: Vangidae
Local Malagasy name: vivy, kiborano
Endemic to Madagascar: Yes

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Leptopterus viridis -- Leptopterus viridis White-Headed Vanga Français. Male black wings and tail, rest
Leptopterus viridis -- ...- [ Translate this page ]
Birds of Madagascar -- Leptopterus chabert, Chabert's Vanga. Leptopterus madagascariensis, Leptopterus
Bird species list RNP -- Leptopterus madagascariensis, ??? ?? Leptopterus viridis, White-headed Vanga,
Bird Species of Berenty -- Bird Species of Berenty. Species list from Guide to the Birds of Madagascar by Olivier
Madagascar rep -- WHITE-HEADED VANGA Leptopterus viridis. A regular member of mixed flocks. CHABERTS
Ecology: Importance of primary and secondary seed dispersal in the ... -- ...and one primate species: the vasa parrots Coracopsis nigra and C. vasa, the Common
Vangidae -- Vanga. 6272, Falculea palliata, Sickle-billed Vanga. 6273, Leptopterus viridis,

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