Gallinago macrodactyla - Madagascar Snipe

Order: Charadriiformes
Family: Rallidae
Local Malagasy name: vano
Endemic to Madagascar:

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Gallinago macrodactyla - Threatened Species in Madagascar -- Contact. Gallinago macrodactyla (Madagascar Snipe). ... Common Name: Madagascar Snipe
Gallinago macrodactyla -- No part of this material can be used in any way without written permision by the
Search for Sites -- additional data. NT, Madagascar Snipe Gallinago macrodactyla. ... Recommended citation
Scolopacidae -- 1395, Gallinago nigripennis, African Snipe. 1396, Gallinago macrodactyla, Madagascar
Scolopacidae -- 2976, Gallinago nigripennis, African Snipe. 2977, Gallinago macrodactyla, Madagascar
BIRDNET: Charadriiformes species list -- ...megala Great Snipe Gallinago media Common Snipe Gallinago gallinago African Snipe
The Ocean Wanderers Guide to Shorebirds of the World -- ...nigripennis) Range: Subsaharan eastern Africa. Madagascar Snipe (Gallinago
Expedition Birding - The check-list -- Madagascar Snipe Gallinago macrodactyla (1988) 1 points, (1994) 1 points,

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