Coua reynaudii - Red-fronted Coua

Order: Cuculiformes
Family: Cuculidae
Local Malagasy name: taitso
Endemic to Madagascar: Yes

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ITIS Standard Report Page: Coua reynaudii -- Go to Print Version, Coua reynaudii Pucheran, 1845 Taxonomic Serial No.: 554741.
Coua reynaudii -- Coua reynaudii Red fronted Coua Français. Rufous forehead, greenish upperparts,
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Search for Sites -- additional data. LC, Red-fronted Coua Coua reynaudii. ... Recommended citation
Red-fronted Coua - Coua reynaudii -- Red-fronted Coua [Coua reynaudii ]. To search for pictures in our gallery click
Madagascar rep -- Heard at Perinet, a pair seen well at Mantady. RED-FRONTED COUA Coua reynaudii.
AVIFAUNA - Picchio verde . . . l'altro web site - Birds: DNA ... -- Coua serriana RED-BREASTED COUA. Humid forest. Lowlands to 1000 m of ne Madagascar.
CUCULIDAE (Cuckoos) -- ...coquereli Coquerel's Coua; Coua serriana Red-breasted Coua; Coua reynaudii

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