Apus barbatus - African swift

Order: Apodiformes
Family: Apodidae
Local Malagasy name:
Endemic to Madagascar: No

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Apus barbatus -- No part of this material can be used in any way without written permision by the
ITIS Standard Report Page: Apus barbatus -- Go to Print Version, Apus barbatus (Sclater, 1865) Taxonomic Serial No.: 555009.
Abarbatu -- Apus barbatus, (PL Sclater, 1865), Family: Apodidae, Order: Apodiformes, print version.
African Black Swift -- Roberts VII Draft Texts. R412 African Black Swift (Black Swift) Apus barbatus.
Apodidae -- 148, 414, Apus pallidus, Pallid Swift, Pallid Swift, Bruinwindswael. 149, 412,
Avibase - The World Bird Database -- APODIFORMES: Apodidae. Alpine Swift, Tachymarptis melba, Common Swift, Apus apus,
World Birds Taxonomic List: Genera and species with citations. -- 18 p.29; Apus pallidus pallidus (Shelley) 1870 Ibis p.445. Apus barbatus
Les oiseaux apodidés -- ...- [ Translate this page ]
Swift -- Swift, Apus unicolor; Nyanza Swift, Apus niansae; Pallid Swift, Apus pallidus;

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