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Mantella bernhardi Bernhard's Mantella

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Mantella bernhardi -- Species: Mantella bernhardi Family: Ranidae Subfamily: Mantellinae. Distribution
GfBS -Org. Divers. Evol. 2, Electr. Suppl. 4 (2002) -- 8: Mantella milotympanum. Mantella pulchra Fig. 9: Mantella pulchra. C. Mantella
Amphibian Species of the World - Mantella Boulenger, 1882 -- 1) Mantella cowani group (Mantella baroni, Mantella nigricans, Mantella cowani,
Мантелла Бернхарда (Mantella bernhardi) ... -- Мантелла Бернхарда Bernhard's mantella (Mantella bernhardi). Еще ?татьи: ... -- Mantella bernhardi. ... 1994. Der Mantella madagascariensis-Komplex: Wiederentdeckung
Marc Staniszewski's Mantella FAQ -- The only species that demand a true tropical environment are the mainly coastal
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