Map showing human induced soil degradation and erosion in Madagascar

This map has been adapted from FAO AGL (The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization's Land and Plant Nutrition Mangement Service) materials. All data is copyright � FAO AGL 2004.

FAO /AGL National Soil Degradation Maps:
Severity of Humaned Induced Soil Degradation in MADAGASCAR

SeverityMappedMappedPopulationPopulation %Population densityWastelandInfrequentCommonFrequentVery frequentDominantDegradedDegraded %
Very Severe21.9130,0811,478,6569.811.37----22,27549,82872,10312.14
Not Classified0.95,367109,1560.720.345,367-----00

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The above image has been adapted from a NASA satellite photo. To learn more visit The Earth Observatory

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