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  1. Madagascar is the _________ largest island in the world.
  2. Madagascar is an island in the ____________ Ocean off the coast of ______________.
  3. True or false. Madagascar is a little larger than the state of California.


  4. Madagascar was a colony of ______________.
  5. True or false. Pirates once controlled the waters around parts of Madagascar.
  6. True or false. The first known European to see Madagascar was Portuguese sea captain who was blown off course on the way to India.


  7. Madagascar is famous for its _____________, a spice that comes from an orchid and is used to flavor ice cream.
  8. ____________ is the most popular food in Madagascar.


  9. The people of Madagascar are called the _______________.
  10. The people of Madagascar speak a language that came from __________________.
  11. Today Madagascar is a ________________, meaning all people have the right to vote.


  12. Lemurs are _____________, related to monkeys and apes.
  13. The fossa is a _____________ in that it only eats other animals. Ring tailed-lemurs are herbivores in that they primarily eat fruit, leaves, and flowers.
  14. ____________ are lizards that have the ability to change colors.
  15. The largest lemur is the _____________.
  16. 75% of Madagascar's animals are ______________, meaning they are found no place else on Earth.
  17. True or false. Madagascar doesn't have any snakes that are dangerous to humans.
  18. True or false. Lemurs are also found on mainland Africa.
  19. True or false. Geckos can change colors to reflect their emotions.
  20. True or false. The tomato frog releases a toxic substance to protect it from predators.
  21. Madagascar was once home to giant elephant birds but they went _________________. Therefore elephant birds are no longer found in Madagascar.


  22. True or false. The rosy periwinkle plant has been used to cure cancer.
  23. True or false. Cactus are naturally found in the spiny forest of Madagascar.
  24. True or false. The baobab tree stores water in its trunk.


  25. Madagascar's forests are disappearing due to _____________________.
  26. Many of Madagascar's reptiles and amphibians are being collected for the ___________ trade.
  27. Soil __________ hurts the economy of Madagascar but reducing agricultural yields.
  28. True or false. Bushmeat refers to the hunting of wild animals for food.
  29. True or false. Madagascar has one of the best park systems in Africa.
  30. True or false. Ecotourism can help protect Madagascar's environment while providing jobs for local people.
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