Province: Toliary (Tul�ar)

Area: 36,030

Protected area status: National park

Year established: 1962

General location: southwestern Madagascar

Location and Access: 135 km northeast of Toliara, 90 km west of Isalo

Climate: The forest of Vohibasia serves as the transition between the dry and wet forests of Madagascar.

Average temperature: 23-24�C

Elevation: 300-825 m

Precipitation: 70-85 cm

Description: "Zombitse-Vohibasia is located at the western of the solid mass of Isalo rock. Altitude on the sandy domes of the park varies between 485 and 825 meters.
The forests of Vohibasia-Isoky have limestone rock foundation dating from the early to middle Jurassic. In other parts of the the park, visitors will find sandstone formations and canyons"

Birds: 85
Reptiles: 33
Frogs: 8
Mammals: 20
   Lemurs: 8
   Carnivores: 2
Lemur species:

The dry forest canopy height averages 10-16 m. ANGAP details frequently encountered species (in French), but here is a list of species: Canopy
Securinega seyregii, Mallaestrum antsingence, Carissa obovata, Teclea boiviniana, Grewia sp., Cedrelopsis microfoliata, Rhodoiaena sp., Pongamiopsis pervilleana - Leguminosae - endemic Kind in Madagascar, present of the septentrional dry forests to the forests dry southernmost

Emergent trees
Commiphora aprevali, Brachylaena microphylla, Cordyla madagascariensis, Neoapaloxylon will rubrijlora, Rhodolaena sp., Cassine sp, Hymenodictyon Western, Delonix sp., Protorhus ditimena, Adansonia za, Scheffieria sp., Poupartia sylvatica,

Acanthaceae sp., Coleoptrype sp. and Eusiphon geayi

Transition zones
Dicoma incana, Dalbergia sp., Stereosperum euphoroides, Rhopalocarpus lucidus, Fernandoa madagascariensis, Diospyros sakalavarum

Heteropogon contortus, Setaria sphacelta, Chrysopodon serrulatus, Cynodon dactylon, Loudetia filifolia ssp., Humbertiana, maximum Panicum "Ahimanara", Hyparrhenia rufa, Pennisetum polystachon, Rhynchelitrum rep�ns, Schizachyrium sp., Aristida rufescens, Elusine indica, Aristida multicaulis, Hyperthelia sp., Eragrostis sp..

Ravenea rivularis (Palmae), Pandamus xerophyta (Pandanaceae)

Aquatic plants
Cyperus spp. Scirpus spp.. Aponogeton decaryi, Neptlmia stellata, Nymphoides spp. Utricularia spp. Pistia stratiodes, and Azolla pinnata.

Dominant ethnic group(s): Tandroy, Mahafaly

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Additional notes:

  • Excellent roads
  • Rainy season Jan-Mar
  • Lemurs are shy, they have been recently hunted in this park
  • 22 birds species are endemic to the area
  • rainy season last less than 2 months (Dec is peak month for rain)
  • Hottest month: January (30 C), Coldest: May (14 C)
  • Zombitse-Vohibasia

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