Province: Toliara (Tul�ar)

Area: 43,200

Protected area status: National park

Year established:

General location: southwestern Madagascar; 24 O 03' and 24 O 12' of Southern latitude and 43 � 46 ' and 43 � 50 ' of longitude

Location and Access: 85 km south of Toliara

Climate: Endemic spiny forest and wetlands

Average temperature:

Elevation: 38-114 m

Precipitation: 35-50 cm

Description: Tsimanampetsotsa is best known for its bird population including pink flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber) found on a shallow lake located on the sandy coastal plain. The reserve also has multiple caves, some of which shelter blind fish (Typhleotris madagascariensis).

Birds: 72
Reptiles: 34
Frogs: 1
   Lemurs: 3
   Bats: 1
Fish: 1
Lemur species:

Tsimanampetsotsa has dense xerophilous thickets, grassy formations and sand dunes.

Dominant ethnic group(s): Tanala, Vezo

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Additional notes: Due to its chemistry, the water of Lake Tsimanampetsotsa does not support any fish species.

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