Province: Mahajanga (Majunga)

Area: 21,742

Protected area status: Special reserve

Year established:

General location: Mahajanga (Majunga)

Location and Access: Totally inundated during rainy season from Nov - March

Climate: Seasonal forest

Average temperature:



Description: The forest of Tampoketsa Analamaitso is geographically at the border between the wet eastern forests and the dry deciduous forest of Madagascar.

Herps: 24
   Lemurs: 3
Lemur species: Microcebus rufus

  • Cheirogalus sp.
  • Eulemur fulvus fulvus

    According to ANGAP Tampoketsa Analamaitso features the following ecosystems:
  • mid-altitude tropical forests
  • dry deciduous forests
  • degraded tropical forest
  • savannas
  • vegetation mosiacs
  • and gallery forests

    A study conducted in 1994 found that since 1949,
  • 37.6% of the total vegetable cover were degraded;
  • 60.9% were unchanged (not counting savannas);
  • 0.5% of savannas became forest formations
  • 11.0% cultivated.

    At higher elevations in the park, tropical forest gives way to dense sclerophyllous forest.
    Families: 59
    Species: 174

    Dominant ethnic group(s): Tsimihety

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    Additional notes: Lacking roads, access Tampoketsa is difficult.

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