Cap Sainte Marie

Province: Toliary (Tul�ar)

Area: 1,750

Protected area status: Special reserve

Year established: 1962

General location: South

Location and Access: Southern most point of Madagascar

Climate: Arid spiny forest

Average temperature: 19-23�C

Elevation: 100 to 199 m

Precipitation: 30 cm

Description: Cap Sainte Marie is the southern most point of Madagascar. The park is known for the presence of bird elephant bones and egg fragments, migrating humpback whales ( which pass from August to November), and its rare tortoises.

Lemur species:

Spiny forest

Dominant ethnic group(s): Antandroy, Mahafaly

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Additional notes: Cape Sainte Marie has one of the high densities of tortoises in the world - more than 3000 individuals per square kmCap Sainte Marie

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