Province: Mahajanga (Majunga)

Area: 13,269

Protected area status: Special reserve

Year established: 1956

General location: northwestern Madagascar: 16�50 and 17�05 of Southern latitude and 44�20 and 44�30 of longitude

Location and Access: 12 km southwest of Besalampy and 5 km east of the Mozambique channel

Climate: Seasonal tropical forest; dry but influenced by monsoon during short rainy season

Average temperature:


Precipitation: 125 cm


Birds: 73
Reptiles: 24
Frogs: 3
Mammals: 15
   Lemurs: 6
   Carnivores: 2
Lemur species:

According to ANGAP, seven types of ecosystems were identified Bemarivo during the last survey:

  • subtropical forest: 6 886 ha;
  • dry deciduous forest on elevated surfaces: 2881 ha;
  • xerophytic thicket: 71 ha;
  • savannas and/or pseudo steppes with woody elements: 1. 609 ha;
  • savannas and/or pseudo-steppes without woody elements: L 80l ha);
  • marshlands: 32ha;
  • water bodies: 9 ha
    Families: 67
    Species: 194

    Dominant ethnic group(s): Sakalava

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