Anjanaharibe sud

Anjanaharibe Sud Special Reserve is located in the northern part of Madagascar, in the Sava region. It is one of two protected areas where the critically endangered Propithecus candidus is found. Anjanaharibe Sud is also home to the Indri lemur, the Madagascar Serpent Eagle, and Newtonia fanovanae.

Anjanaharibe-Sud covers 32 090 ha and is located about 25 km south-west of the town of Andapa. The average altitude of the massif varies between 500 and 1 500 m, with a highest peak at 2 064 m. The climate of the region is characterized by heavy rainfall (over 3,000 mm per year) and lack of variation between the warm season (26.9 ° C from November to April) and the cool season (22.3 ° C from May to October). It is the wind regime that differentiates the two seasons.

Much of Anjanaharibe-Sud has been degraded. Only three some sections of forest remain, including dense rainforest (800 m - 1,500 m in elevation), sclerophyllous mountain forest (1,400 m and above), and montane forest.

There are no facilities in the reserve so camping gear is needed if you plan to stay overnight. Also note that pork is considered a fady or taboo in Anjanaharibe-Sud.



Protected area status: Special reserve

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Birds: 125 species
Herps: 150 species
Lemur species: 12



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