The special reserve Ambohitantely is located 140 km northwest of Antananarivo, in the district of Ankazobe, about 30 km from Ankazobe. Ambohitantely is currently the only protected area in the Analamanga region.

Ambohitantely consists of 1800 ha of natural forest and 3800 ha of grassland. The natural forest includes lowland riparian forest, lowland forest (canopy to 16 m), and upland forest (canopy 6-8 m). Ambohitantely is known for Dypsis decipiens, an endemic palm tree. The reserve is home to the last remnants of forest on the central plateau.

Nearly 70 species of birds have been recorded in Ambohitantely, including the Madagascar Harrier (Circus macroscles) and Crested Ibis (Lophotibis cristata). Three species of lemurs live in Ambohitantely: Microcebus rufus, Avahi laniger, and Eulemur fulvus.

The reserve is accessible all year but from May to October, Ambohitantely can get quite cold, and from November to March, it is windy. Facilities are very limited in the reserve--you can get more information from the park office. Camping is possible, although there is a simple hotel in Finarazana.

Province: Antananarivo (Tananarive)

Area: 5,600

Protected area status: Special reserve

Year established: 1982

General location: Central highlands

Location and Access: 125 km north of Antananarivo

Climate: Montane rainforest

Average temperature: 11-22°C


Precipitation: 160 cm

Description: Ambohitantely is a small park consisting of fragmented sections of montane forest, savanna, and cleared areas.

Birds: 74
Frogs: 17
Mammals: 17
Lemur species: 3

Fores canopy species include: Weinmannia spp, Cunoniaceae, Kaliphora madagascariensis, Rhus taratana, Canarium madagascariense, Diospyros sp.
In the valleys: Chrysalidocarpus sp., Pandanus sp., Homalium sp. Flacourtiaceae and Draceana sp.
Herbaceous layer: Liliaceae and Gramineae
Orchises and epiphytes: Bulbophyllum spp., Angraecum sp, Plypodium spp

Dominant ethnic group(s): Merina

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Additional notes: October and September are the best months to visit Ambohitantely

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