Province: Mahajanga (Majunga)

Area: 9,826

Protected area status: Special reserve

Year established: 1956

General location: northwestern Madagascar

Location and Access: Accessible by road during the dry season

Climate: Dry tropical, influenced by monsoon rains during the hot wet season (November to April)

Average temperature: 24°C

Elevation: 0 to 800 m

Precipitation: 100-150 cm

Description: Maningoza is home to one of the last remaining areas of the dry tropical forest growing on ferralitic soils. Many rare species of endemic flora and fauna are found in this protected area. Maningoza is made up of dry deciduous forest with an open canopy at 16 -25 m. In degraded areas there is grassy savanna with palm trees.

Birds: 73
Reptiles: 27
   Lizards: 11
   Chameleons: 3
   Snakes: 10
Frogs: 4
Mammals: 15
Lemur species: 5 (Eulemur fulvus rufus, Propithecus verreauxi deckeni, Hapalemur griseus, Microcebus murinus and Cheirogaleus medius)

According to ANGAP, Maningoza has several types of ecosystems:
  • dry deciduous forest: 1517ha;
  • subtropical moist forest: 5611ha;
  • riparian forest: 38ha;
  • water bodies: 17ha;
  • Savanna with woody elements: 69ha;
  • Savanna without woody elements: 2568ha
  • bamboo thickets: 7ha.
    Species: 165

    Dominant ethnic group(s): Sakalava

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